Privacy Policy

Users of this site who wish to use our services or apply for employment will need to supply personal information. This can include but is not limited to a name, gender, residence address, legal status in Japan, and other private information. Heart Corporation may use certain information for statistical purposes that keeps all users completely anonymous. For any use of information that would include personal details, Heart Corporation confirms that this information:

  • will not be used for purposes other than with the intent of obtaining or offering employment
  • will not be shared with any party not within Heart Corporation unless with a party potentially offering an avenue of employment through Heart Corporation
  • will not be used by any party outside Heart Corporation without the prior permission of the user involved

Heart Corporation reserves the right to use any provided information for a purpose benefitting all parties while also protecting all parties from any breach of confidentiality or personal detriment. Users of this site are welcomed to request further details at any time about how their specific details may be used. Theprivacy policy may be updated as necessary and this page will be immediately modified to show this.

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