Terms of Use

It is expected that all users of this website understand the following points regarding its use:

  1. Use of this website or application to the website of any personal information does not constitute a working contract, nor does it guarantee any form of employment.
  2. Any use of this website should be for the purposes of applying for employment or for obtaining information related to the application of employment.
  3. GHR activities and the recruiting, hiring, and management of IA employees under the GHR system would be conducted by Heart Corporation.
  4. Heart Corporation reserves the right to pursue legal action against anyone attempting to disrupt company affairs or cause damage using this website.
  5. Heart Corporation expects all communication and correspondence to be handled with honesty and good faith.
  6. Heart Corporation may use the details of a user of this site for the purpose of providing employment for that user, in accordance with our privacy policy.
  7. The terms of use may be updated as necessary and this page will be immediately modified to show this.

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